Forever and ever..

March 7, 2010

..that’s how long it’s been since i posted anything.
I caught Joanna Newsom on Jimmy Fallon last night, and she was amazing. I dig her…but i never really got into her past that first album. She is adorable and the performance was pretty flawless.
What a delight!



January 29, 2010

my thoughts definitely reside in movies and songs. therefore, all my boyfriends are characters in movies and singers of songs. this is a list of the boys who i think would be my ideal boyfriends, in real life or whatever.

5. tim fletcher, the stills. i think his voice le sexy, i love his speaking voice with the little frenchy accent. his style is black blazer and i am totally fond of that.

4. zach braff, aka andrew largeman, garden state. impeccable taste in music, witty, super adorable and totally jewish. i watched this movie the other night and laughed and cried and laughed while crying. he looks like he is a good kisser…thumbs up.


2. jason schwartzman, as himself, or max fisher of rushmore, or jonathon aimes of bored to death, or jack in darjeeling or even as a cartoon character such as ash from fantastic mr. fox. i love js. we drink coffee the exact same colour. although he is really short, i think he still may be taller than me. his hair is long and he is a sarcastic, witty, and extremely talented duder. i don’t know if i would be able to keep calm and composed if i met him. i’d just want to jump all the bones.

1. dave grohl, duh. i’ve been crazy-obsessed with davy since 5th grade. he was my first sex dream (long hair, braids, i&i styles). i think he is a complete goof and i think he would make me laugh all the time. i’ve read several (and by several, i really mean millions or so) interviews and it seems our friend dave loves to please. well, i’m open for a bone, grohl.

sometimes i feel like i’m in grade 8 when i compose lists like this. but i’m actually 25. if there was a way to combine all these men into one and then find his way to me, it could possibly be the best day of my life.

i don’t know who comes in 3rd. maybe no one.

i hope not sporadically

December 21, 2009


Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest at age 32 today. WE WILL MISS YOU!

I used to have a massive girl crush on Murphy. Ever since Clueless, I think I followed all her movies, shitty ones and all. My top five movies would have to be:

5. Girl Interrupted
4. Riding in Cars With Boys
3. Sin City
2. Spun.
1. CLUELESS, duh.
(honourable mentions: sidewalks of new york and 8 mile, whatttt!)

Next, I will conclude this post with some of my favourite BM photos.


December 20, 2009

it’s odd how people come together.

Danny Devito

December 14, 2009

So basically i got so busy with school and travels that i haven’t written in here for so long. MY BAD.
Christmas time freaks me out because there’s way too much stuff to do. Places to go and people to see!

All i really wanted to say was that i love “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, and that Charlie is the most hilarious and cutest person in the world.

I also have a new girl crush on Lara Stone. I love the gap between her teeth and just the fact that she’s crazy awesome.

Nicole Richie has also made me want to dye my hair brown again. Maybe not dark brown, but some sort of extra dirty honey blonde…my hair is just not cutting it right now.

And i want to go to Montreal…hey Christmas, make all of my dreams come true!

devil’s night 2009

November 7, 2009


October 19, 2009
baby giraffe

baby giraffe

-about 14 to 17 feet tall (although tallest male record stands at 20ft!).
-prove to be a difficult prey, and when being hunted by a lion, one giraffe kick to the head can cause a lion’s skull to shatter.
-are polygamous! oh la la!
-life expectancy is 20-25 years in the wild and 28 years in captivity.
are gay (there are more instances of male necking than male to female necking)!
-have long tongues (45 centimeters).
-sleep 1.9 hours in a 24 hour period.
-mostly found in chad to central and southern africa

i think giraffes are pretty. giraffe patterned things are alright. my mom has been buying me giraffe stuffed animals and patterned things since i was born. i recently purchased a complete luggage set that was giraffe themed. and if i were to have any animal as a pet, it would definitely have to be a giraffe.

you’d think that this was my grade 4 speech: why alicia bone likes giraffes. but let’s not fool ourselves here. this is my 25 year old speech and i don’t like giraffes, i love them.

the end.

You got me running

October 16, 2009

So I’ve always been drawn to Chloe. The structure and shape of the clothes are always so amazing, and i feel like the clothes really promote a strong female babetron/boy-like vibe like annie hall. Seriously, who doesn’t love Diane Keaton!
I came across the Spring 2010 line, therefore i am posting it here haha (well only a few things)

ALSO, everyone should check out this amazing photographer:

Moonmilk is his latest work and it’s so incredibly beautiful i can’t describe it.

Final thing: Alicia and i WILL in fact be attending the Dead Man’s Bones show on Tuesday night…so uh…Ryan Goslings Mother, lock up your son!
Or whatever…



October 14, 2009



have you seen the movie ghost?




it’s not like i think we’re cool at all. i just think we have a lot of fun.
this day i was all like, “steph, let’s meet up. bring props.”
steph: “like what…?”
me: “anything!”
so steph brought a lion and a princess hat. i brought a giraffe and my old soccer medals.
i guess you can say we have big imaginations. that’d be a nicer thought.

jerry hsu, we love you.

October 12, 2009

total babe.

and totally in my ‘top 5’.

are you kidding me? i’d die.

actually my favourite.

EPICLY LATER’D, jerry hsu.

major love for the j.hsu.