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kitty cat power

March 25, 2010

chan marshall: cat power. instant female boner.

this is an ode post to cp.



He War.

I Don’t Blame You (live).


the bbf giggles

March 21, 2010

an hour, a camera, a shitty lunch, a nice day, a giggle, a stephanie, a bone.

juno, not alaska, not the movie

March 16, 2010

but more like the canadian music awards.

i would like to give a huge shout out to land of talk for their nomination for video of the year.

their entry is a beautiful song entitled “it’s okay”. the video compliments the song, and the song compliments the video. the singer’s voice is so charming and sweet. it’s a real singing voice, that’s for certain.

definitely check it out.

oddly enough, on the band’s facebook page, the singer posted a kayne west video that looks exactly like their ‘it’s okay’. i watched it and was blown away at how similar (identical) the videos were. if you are interested in this comparison, watch kayne’s coldest winter video after the land of talk video.

eh? eh?

they are also embarking on a mini tour. if they are in your area (or somewhere relatively close) i recommend going to see them. and if tickets are available, get them in advance. last land of talk show i tried to go to was at capacity hours before they were set to play.

i’ll leave you with my favourite land of talk song, ‘some are lakes’. it’s from their most recent album, also named ‘some are lakes‘.

xo, ab

mickey mouse + jeremy scott

March 10, 2010

i’ve been following mark hunter’s cobrasnake photo site for several years now. steph and i have even been in one of his albums. i love watching trends that surface in LA and eventually make their way to our canadaland (the good, the bad, the bizarro- i love them all). i remember seeing cory kennedy in some ridiculous french fry sweater and thinking ‘who designs this’ and ‘where can i get one’. i soon found out that jeremy scott was responsible for such wacky designs. i follow him on twitter. i follow him in pretty much any capacity. most recently, he has a collection inspired by mickey mouse. is it a coincidence that i LOVE mickey mouse? because i LOVE mickey mouse. anyway, here’s a few of his pieces in this collection.

mickey shoe

as seen in the lady gaga video.

Before I Forget

March 7, 2010

I love this dress from urban outfitters:

There is another one but i am unable to link it because i am an idiot.

And these shoes

love, sk

Forever and ever..

March 7, 2010

..that’s how long it’s been since i posted anything.
I caught Joanna Newsom on Jimmy Fallon last night, and she was amazing. I dig her…but i never really got into her past that first album. She is adorable and the performance was pretty flawless.
What a delight!