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January 29, 2010

my thoughts definitely reside in movies and songs. therefore, all my boyfriends are characters in movies and singers of songs. this is a list of the boys who i think would be my ideal boyfriends, in real life or whatever.

5. tim fletcher, the stills. i think his voice le sexy, i love his speaking voice with the little frenchy accent. his style is black blazer and i am totally fond of that.

4. zach braff, aka andrew largeman, garden state. impeccable taste in music, witty, super adorable and totally jewish. i watched this movie the other night and laughed and cried and laughed while crying. he looks like he is a good kisser…thumbs up.


2. jason schwartzman, as himself, or max fisher of rushmore, or jonathon aimes of bored to death, or jack in darjeeling or even as a cartoon character such as ash from fantastic mr. fox. i love js. we drink coffee the exact same colour. although he is really short, i think he still may be taller than me. his hair is long and he is a sarcastic, witty, and extremely talented duder. i don’t know if i would be able to keep calm and composed if i met him. i’d just want to jump all the bones.

1. dave grohl, duh. i’ve been crazy-obsessed with davy since 5th grade. he was my first sex dream (long hair, braids, i&i styles). i think he is a complete goof and i think he would make me laugh all the time. i’ve read several (and by several, i really mean millions or so) interviews and it seems our friend dave loves to please. well, i’m open for a bone, grohl.

sometimes i feel like i’m in grade 8 when i compose lists like this. but i’m actually 25. if there was a way to combine all these men into one and then find his way to me, it could possibly be the best day of my life.

i don’t know who comes in 3rd. maybe no one.