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October 19, 2009
baby giraffe

baby giraffe

-about 14 to 17 feet tall (although tallest male record stands at 20ft!).
-prove to be a difficult prey, and when being hunted by a lion, one giraffe kick to the head can cause a lion’s skull to shatter.
-are polygamous! oh la la!
-life expectancy is 20-25 years in the wild and 28 years in captivity.
are gay (there are more instances of male necking than male to female necking)!
-have long tongues (45 centimeters).
-sleep 1.9 hours in a 24 hour period.
-mostly found in chad to central and southern africa

i think giraffes are pretty. giraffe patterned things are alright. my mom has been buying me giraffe stuffed animals and patterned things since i was born. i recently purchased a complete luggage set that was giraffe themed. and if i were to have any animal as a pet, it would definitely have to be a giraffe.

you’d think that this was my grade 4 speech: why alicia bone likes giraffes. but let’s not fool ourselves here. this is my 25 year old speech and i don’t like giraffes, i love them.

the end.


You got me running

October 16, 2009

So I’ve always been drawn to Chloe. The structure and shape of the clothes are always so amazing, and i feel like the clothes really promote a strong female babetron/boy-like vibe like annie hall. Seriously, who doesn’t love Diane Keaton!
I came across the Spring 2010 line, therefore i am posting it here haha (well only a few things)

ALSO, everyone should check out this amazing photographer:

Moonmilk is his latest work and it’s so incredibly beautiful i can’t describe it.

Final thing: Alicia and i WILL in fact be attending the Dead Man’s Bones show on Tuesday night…so uh…Ryan Goslings Mother, lock up your son!
Or whatever…



October 14, 2009



have you seen the movie ghost?




it’s not like i think we’re cool at all. i just think we have a lot of fun.
this day i was all like, “steph, let’s meet up. bring props.”
steph: “like what…?”
me: “anything!”
so steph brought a lion and a princess hat. i brought a giraffe and my old soccer medals.
i guess you can say we have big imaginations. that’d be a nicer thought.

jerry hsu, we love you.

October 12, 2009

total babe.

and totally in my ‘top 5’.

are you kidding me? i’d die.

actually my favourite.

EPICLY LATER’D, jerry hsu.

major love for the j.hsu.

you’re bacon me crazy!

October 7, 2009

in honour of bacon, bacon products, and all who enjoy the bacon.

1. ill first start off with the ultimate-cool in bacon attire.

i'll first start off with the ultimate-cool in bacon attire.

(by the way, i’m going to find this dude and make him be my boyfriend).

2. bacon lubricant. oh man, oh god, oh, oh oh...

2. bacon lubricant. oh man, oh god, oh, oh oh...

(any takers besides me?)

3. Art by Francis BACON (it’s all in the name).

(so of course he creates great art, his last name is BACON! peep this wonderful f.bacon quote: “I myself and the life I’ve lived happen to be more profoundly curious than my work. Then sometimes, when I think about it, I’d prefer everything about my life to blow up after I die and disappear”).



(ok, so who wants to move here with me? it’d probably be a short stay since i plan on eating up my world).

6. this is sooo true!

6. this is sooo true!

(yeah, i did that whole thing for a while).

7. chocolate covered bacon.

7. chocolate covered bacon.

(my friend krasna bought this for me as a birthday gift… chocolate covered bacon is the best taste in the universe).

so my mouth is now completely watering. right now the only solution would be: makin’ bacon.

for the love of bacon,

ps. google search ‘bacon’ and be entertained for hours and days.

vote shane cunningham for vj

October 2, 2009

support my friend shane in his attempt at becoming much music’s 2009 vj.

he’s pretty funny, i guess. check out his other SNATCHTV videos. i promise it will only take minutes of your life that you won’t necessarily need back.